Nov 2021 — July 2022
Banking,  Financal Services, B2C
Senior UI Designer for Bank of Ireland

Product design as a freelancer for the BIO Agency, to help create a digital platform for Bank of Ireland and their UK partners: Post Office and AA. The task was to deliver new digital experiences to support both origination (applying for a product or service) and in-life management (using the product or service) for their new personal loans and savings products.

As part of the design team in BIO, I was responsible for creating the UX and UI patterns and components that are then submitted to the Design System file; creating user journeys and wireframes in collaboration with the CX team; and incorporating them into pages and templates. My team was also responsible for creating complementary design related annotations and interaction prototypes to inform the dev teams about intended behaviours or properties.

I also participated in the creative kick-off sessions at the beginning of each sprint between the squad’s members (UX, UI, BA) and the product owners, with the purpose of ideating around the requirements brought into the sprint, followed by the mid-sprint WIP reviews, and eventually, the walk-through of the annotated designs, attended by the client team stakeholders.