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GE contracted Wunderman Thompson to redesign the GE Healthcare website, to create a digital eco system that is as innovative, efficient, and as effective as their products.
            The challenge was to create a web experience for GE Healthcare that could generate customer intelligence, anticipate their needs, inspire them to look forward, and provide support throughout their journey with the company. The goals of the project included increasing customer engagement and the availability of product information, as well as integrating cross-sell opportunities through next-best-actions.

To achieve these goals, my team followed a customer experience (CX) approach that focused on improving and modernizing the web experience through on-brand, customer-backed content and effective search engine optimization (SEO). We also aimed to enable an omni-channel experience that was consistent, fast, flexible, and self-service, and to execute world-class support and analytics.

In terms of the user interface (UI), my team focused on redesigning high-traffic pages such as specialty, product category, sub-category, and product pages, and adopted a modular approach to defining the distinct roles of each page in the customer journey.

Another challenge for the UI was to seamlessly integrate the GE corporate redesign with the existing design system for GE Healthcare products and software, known as the Edison Design System.

One of the goals of the project was to motivate customers to visit the GE Healthcare website more often and earlier in their buying journey. To achieve this, my team focused on using emotive storytelling to connect with customers and communicate clinical insights and education. We also aimed to create more engaging and immersive formats and events, and increase the availability of in-depth product information, imagery, and videos.

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